Welcome to Dayspring. Local programs

Welcome and thanks for visiting us at Dayspring!  We are a mission seeking to serve diverse needs of people in the name of Jesus.  With increasing globalization we have been developing more hospitality and language programs for people abroad.  We have retreat facilities in Rothesay NB on a beautiful Bay Lake.  This is a great place for a retreat and to get refreshed spiritually as you make new friends.

Local Programs and Services

We offer the following programs and services:

  1. Hosting meetings focusing on Christian fellowship, worship, prayer and mission.
  2. Renting facilities to local churches, Christian and community groups (Sunday School picnics, church camps, retreats, teaching seminars, conferences, etc.).
  3. Providing pastoral care to individuals, couples and families in crisis, including temporary housing, clothing and furnishings as required.
  4. Hosting information sessions promoting missions for Jesus and supporting various organizations in that work.
  5. Hosting regular events for local immigrant families to facilitate integration into the community and to improve English language skills.

Please contact us if we can serve you in any of these ways.